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We provide as many resources as possible to our customers so you may better understand the business of Polyurea. All of our case studies vary from formulating, training, consulting, technical service, testing, inspection and quality control. The related industry solution of our case studies contain 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway, Jinan Olympic Sports Center, Qingdao Bay Sea Cross Bridge, Xiaolangdi Multipurpose Dam of Yellow River, Vegetated roof, Beijing Tongzhou Wastewater Tank, Qingdao King Street, Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center and so on. These success projects are important to you and we feel you will find a reliable partnered in this industry.


The Polyurea Project of Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway

The Polyurea Project of Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge

The Polyurea Project of Xiaolangdi Multipurpose Dam of Yellow River

Polyurea Application in Tongzhou Wastewater Treatment Plants

Polyurea Application in Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center Grand Theater

Polyurea Application in Qingdao King Street Shopping plaza

Polyurea Application in 2008 Olympic Stadiums - Beijing 29th Olympic Games

Green Roof Polyurea Application in Qingdao Technological University

The Polyurea Project of Jinan Olympic Center




A) Prof. Weibo Huang

Prof. Weibo Huang, was born in Aug. 8, 1963, and graduated from Sichuan University of the Department of Polymer Materials Science & Engineering in 1986 and joined MCRI (Marine Chemical Research Institute) the same year. He received a Doctor Degree of Science from Ocean University of China. Former research work focused on sound and vibration damping materials. He has been responsible for the development of equipment investigation, spray machine introduction, technical exchange, formulations, training, marketing and sales activities and application of spray polyurea elastomer technology since 1995. Huang is the pathfinder to research, develop, introduce and promotion this versatile technology in China.

He leads China Polyurea Industry from 100 to 12,000,000 square meters in 10 years. He drafted the Technical Code of Polyurea Waterproofing Coating for Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway and the Technical Code of Polyurea Waterproofing Coating for China Future High Speed Railway.

He obtained 3 national awards, 5 ministry awards and 18 Chinese patent rights. He has published more than 160 technical papers and has 7 technical publications in the area of sound and vibration damping and spray polyurea elastomer at home and abroad. He was honored as "the father of Spray Polyurea Elastomer Technology in China", and receiving the government special allowance distributed by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. Huang has been held the International Directors of The PDA Board for 3 times (2002-2004, 2003-2006, 2009-2011 at http://www.pda-online.org/Content.asp?CID=13 ). He is active in polyurea both in China and all over the world.

In January 2008, Huang left MCRI and transferred into QTECH (Qingdao Technological University) to establish the unique Polyurea Talent Education Base in the world. Now he is a professor of Qingdao Technological University, and the Director of Research Institute of Functional Materials.


Huang has won:
1 National Innovation Award.
1 National Science and Technology Progress Award.
1 National Patent Outstanding Award.
5 Science and Technology Progress Prizes of the Ministry of Chemical and Shipbuilding Industry.


Huang has been awarded the honorary titles as following:
The national science and technology advanced workers of the Ministry of Chemical Industry in 1994.
Excellent young intellectuals of Shandong Province in 1998.
1999 Qingdao Top Ten Excellent Science and Technology Youth by Qingdao Municipal Government.
2000 Professional Elite of Talents by Qingdao Municipal Government.
Middle-aged and Young Expert with National Outstanding Contributions in 2002.
Outstanding Expert of China Paint & Coatings Industry in 2009.

Huang is recognized as:
Committee member in the National Natural Science Foundation.
Chief Scientist of Beijing-Shaghai (1318Km) High Speed Railway Polyurea Protective Project with 12,000,000 square meters.
Editorial member of Polyurethane Industry , Modern Paint & Finishing, Shanghai Coatings, Ship & Boat, and Polyurethane Journal.
Advance consultant of ChinaPu Journal.
Advance experts, Director of China Polyurethane Industry Association.
Advance experts of Terrace Coating Materials Branch, China Building Materials Federation.


B) Dudley J. Primeaux

Mr. Dudley J. Primeaux was born in Dec 3, 1959, received an M.S. Degree in Organic Chemistry from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas in 1984. He then joined Texaco Chemical Company -Austin Research Labs where he was involved in the development of rigid and flexible polyurethane foam systems and applications. It was under this area where he developed and first demonstrated the 100 % solids polyurea spray elastomer technology. In 1987 he joined the Performance Polymers Group where he has been involved in polyurea RIM and spray elastomer development and applications development of amine catalyst in polyurethane foam systems.

In 1994, Dudley became part of Huntsman Corporation following the sale of Texaco Chemical Company. Here, he was a Research Chemist in the Thermoset Applications Group devoting his efforts to marketing and applications development of the polyurea spray elastomer technology.

In June 1998, Dudley was invited by Prof. Weibo Huang and visited Qingdao. Under his presentation and instruction, Prof. Huang leads his fellows to make R&D of spray polyurea in CHINA. In October 1998, he became Managing Partner / Chief Chemist with EnviroChem Technologies. Dudley was responsible for all formulation development for the EnviroLastic® polyurea product line and marketing of those systems and applications. He also interacted with the Certified Contractor Network on products and application techniques. Application equipment setup, training and servicing also fell under his responsibilities.

In November 2000, Dudley left the association with EnviroChem Technologies to pursue a personal consulting business, Primeaux Associates LLC. This work relates to the polyurea industry, equipment, application and training. He is currently working with a variety of companies throughout the world.

Dudley is active in the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings and President of the Polyurea Development Association (PDA). He is named inventor of 23 US Patents and 6 European Patents on polyurethane and polyurea foam applications as well as polyurea spray elastomer systems/applications. He also has 27 technical publications on the polyurea elastomer technology. He was recognized as a Protective Coatings Specialist by SSPC in 2006.




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